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Our Story

Train Hard - Ride Safe - Love the Ride

Robb and Stacey have been together for nearly 35 years. After selling a successful construction company of 26 years, Robb was looking for a new endeavor. ProRider was it! And it seems fitting to start a new business together in an area that they are both passionate about - riding safe and having fun.

Robb has been riding since he was a child; mini-bikes, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, street bikes. If it is open air and open throttle, he's all in! And every experienced rider knows that with a motorcycle’s limited visibility to others, road hazards, and distracted drivers, riding can be as dangerous as it is fun. Road safety is a big concern for both of them, but even though the dangers are ever-present, Robb is not willing to give up his love of two wheels on the open road. Doing some research, he realized that even experienced riders can learn something new to enhance their riding skills. He is now trained and certified to teach you to ride safer and with greater confidence in knowing you will have improved knowledge and the training to ride just like motorcycle officers do.


Stacey supports Robb in his vision and decided that if she is going to be part of a motorcycle training business she needed to 'walk the talk'. So, she got her motorcycle license and plans to also be a certified ProRider instructor - one day. For now, she is happy to assist Robb and to watch, learn and practice the skills he is teaching. 


They are eager to provide the opportunity for experienced motorcycle riders to learn new skills, improve existing riding ability and continue to have fun on the road. Their hope is that, by providing these courses, they will make a significant impact by enabling more people to ride hard, ride safe and never give up their love of riding.

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